Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wulai Hot Springs

Getting there
Take bus 849 to 隧道口 from Wulai or Xindian MRT. The bus stops right in front of the spa.

Sun Moon Bright Spa(日月光溫泉)

On the bus route to Wulai there are many hotel-spas where you can get off, soak and relax. It's a unique Taiwanese experience and I highly recommend it. The one I regularly visited was Sun Moon Bright Spa(日月光溫泉), a Japanese style place. There are about 5 different pools of different temperatures, a waterfall, complimentary tea and towels and best of all, stunning views of the valley.

There is also a restaurant which smells very nice and looks very expensive. At 390NT ($13) The entrance cost is a little high when you compare it to the free public spa in Wulai or the 40NT ($1.20) public baths in Xinbeitou. But the tranquility and quality are definitely worth paying for, especially if you have a hangover!

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