Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Love of Food: Recipes, Cooking and Reviews

'The love of food is the truest love', so read some graffiti on the walls of Bergamo. The cynic will interpret this phrase to mean "the love of eating trumps romantic love", but its true meaning is only to be understood by the romantic. You need love like you need food, they both make you live, they make you alive.
Food and travel are inseparable. Many have journeyed across the world in search of the sweetest fruit or to discover the rarest spice. Many more have rejoiced at the table of home like never before, rediscovering long-forgotten flavours. Some enjoy the challenge of eating the exotic and unknown, while others love to lose themselves in the myriad tastes and colours of the produce of foreign climates. And few would disagree that the simplest meal, after a long day of adventuring, is the best meal in the world.
For that reason and the fact that I make a lot of food, forgot that I've made it and then don't know what to make next time I have those ingredients, I have decided to add some food entries to this blog. Enjoy!

Catalogue of food entries

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