Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wunushan (五女山)

Getting there
Wunushan or Five Women Mountain is a national park a good 30 minute taxi ride from Ji’an. The taxi costs 25-30RMB (one way), but during normal times (not holiday time) the bus that goes to Tonghua will stop there for you (catch it from the central bus station).
Entrance to the park is 30RMB, but they put the price up to 50RMB in peak times. When you’ve entered you can also get a minivan to drive you higher into the park.

The park
The mountain is as beautiful as is the drive up. The park itself has many places to see like waterfalls, caves and peaks with spectacular views. Some of the walks are steep and some are relatively easy. Spoiling it a little though is the constant stream of cars going up the road in the park, so its better to get off the road as quickly possible.
The closest place to the entrance, which leads up to a lovely viewing pagoda is the road that takes you past the Ancient Quarry site (nothing to see here) All in all it takes about 1 hour to do.

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