Friday, June 28, 2013

Changbaishan North Slope, Heaven(ly) Lake (天池)

Getting there
From Baihe there are buses and taxis to the North Slope of the mountain, and once you've arrived at the park you will need to buy entrance tickets and bus tickets. Both are expensive, even by Western standards. Entrance to the park sets you back RMB125 and a return bus ticket to the foot of the mountain sets you back RMB80.
After a 20 minute bus ride through the park(warning the seats are very small, if you have long legs, take an aisle seat!) you arrive at another bustling gate area where you have to buy your second bus ticket for a minivan (much more comfortable) up to the peak. This costs another RMB80 for a return ticket. Unfortunately, since its about 16km, hiking from here is not an option, but views are lovely going up and down.

North Slope Peak and Heaven(ly) Lake (天池/tianchi)
After all this moving around you finally arrive at the peak, and you soon forget all your worries staring at the beatuiful Heaven(ly) lake. You can walk along part of the peak, and the main activity is taking photos. When I went some paths around the lake were closed and the ubiquitous Chinese guard was always on the ready to shout at you should you be tempted to ignore the signs and go for a wander.

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