Monday, May 20, 2013

Taipei Eating: Street food

Probably the first kind of food you will encounter is street food. Like any south-east Asian country there is a huge variety, vegetables, meat, seafood, fish and sweets of every kind can be bought on the roads and alleys of Taipei. One of the best things about street food is you get what you see, and you don't need any Chinese to order it. Just point and pay! Here are a few things to look out for.

A firm although slightly pricy (100NT/$3+) favourite is the grilled squid(烤魷魚) served with a variety of different seasonings. You can also find deep fried squid, but its generally flavoured with MSG, ruining the taste somewhat.

A healthier treat on the street is chopped guava(芭樂) seasoned with plum and sugar. You'll see a small wagon with green pear like fruits. Inside guavas are a delicious pink, crunchy but not too crunchy, slightly sweet, slightly sour, and absolutely delicious.

The ubiquitous sausage(香腸) (25NT/80c+) are also worth a try, but remember to have them with a clove of raw garlic for the truly Taiwanese experience.

A guaranteed foreigner's favourite is the danbing(蛋餅) (25NT/80c+). An omelette pancake that is filling and cheap for a filling snack on the go. I have never met anyone who doesn’t like these.

Places to easily find street food
Although street food is everywhere, you might have not have time to experience the full range of specialiaties on offer. The best place to experience a lot of different kinds street food is at Longshan night market. They have everything imaginable, the price is reasonable and most importantly, the locals love it too!

Shilin nightmarket is another good place to go for food, but it is definitely very touristy and a little more pricy. They have an excellent selection of weird and exotic fruits like star-fruit and dragon fruit: the bastard child of a strawberry and blackberry. Weirdly delicious, and a little expensive (100NT/$3+ for a portion)!

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